Social Media Marketing

At Circular Media, our goal is to simplify social media for our clients, allowing them to focus on their core business.


Building & driving results

At Circular Media, our goal is to simplify social media for our clients, allowing them to focus on their core business. We believe in offering value, building a strong fanbase, and driving results. We take the complex task of social media management off your plate so you can focus on what you do best.

Platform Expertise

Our specializations lie in Facebook and Instagram management, two of the most powerful platforms for businesses today.

Target Audience Analysis

Our approach begins with an in-depth audit of your current and target audience. By understanding where your audience spends their time online, we craft a strategy tailored to reach them effectively.

Content Creation

We design a holistic content strategy that aligns with your brand and goals. Our team can craft images, videos, infographics, and written posts as per the agreed content calendar. This can either be implemented by us or by the client, depending on your needs.


While we focus on creating content that resonates and converts, direct engagement like comments, messages, and reviews will be managed by the clients. However, we offer guidance and can include reputation management in our service package upon request.

Paid Advertising

Our services extend to setting up and managing paid social media campaigns. From ad creation, targeting, to budget management, we handle it all, ensuring your investment translates to tangible results.

Performance Tracking

Every month, we sit down with our clients to review progress. Our detailed reports, generated through Metricool, offer insights on key performance metrics, helping you evaluate the effectiveness of our strategy.

Onboarding Process

Guiding you everystep of the way

Engaging with a new client starts with a comprehensive onboarding phase. We conduct brand audits, assess current social media presence, and turn them into clear, measurable goals. Before we commence, we would require:

A clear understanding of your current offers and highest sold products or services.


A clear understanding of your target audience.


Any past performance data or analytics.


Information on current branding guidelines or assets.


A list of key competitors or market benchmarks.


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Customer Reviews

We specialize in web design and social media marketing, providing our clients with the tools they need to succeed in today's digital world.


March 2023

Nice web designer. Good communication and great results. I also definitely recommend the video and photography services! High quality photos and videos perfect for promoting your business.

J Zwart

March 2023

A pleasant and constructive contact for many years. Real thinkers to turn a challenge into a success.

Linda Buijs

March 2023

Been working with them for a couple of years now. The communication is quick and very helpful. Wide array of services and many options to make everything perfect. The photography service is top notch and perfect for brand representations!


March 2023

Jim is very professional and overall a great guy.

Suzan Boer

March 2023

Good guidance and they are very professional and helpful. My website is well constructed and future customers can also contact me via the site

Piet van Leeuwen

March 2023

Super relaxed service and advice. Creates beautiful websites. Jim's photography is also excellent.

Michael Hornbogen

March 2023

Can absolutely recommend the guys from Circular Media. They replied promptly and helped me with my Wordpress problems. Will def use their services again.

Paul Tan

March 6, 2023

I had a chance to work with Jim to promote a bar business. He is very professional and dedicated to his job. As a result, the quality of the work done by him is way more better than we expect. Definitely recommend him to any of my friends later.

Giovanni Thielman

March 9, 2023

I worked together with several projects before which is always great working together with Circular Media~ one of the project was for a photoshoot and videoshoot for a woman underwear product line ~ Which Circular did photo shoot and the video editing ~ I will sure recommend Circular Media for bookings ✨👌🏼

Q5 Tennis Coaching

March 8, 2023

I would like to share my extremely positive experience with Circular Media !! My website and instructional videos were professionally designed by Jim Grootes. His continued support helped me a lot in promoting my business. I can definitely recommend Circular Media for your business!

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