Case study

Set yourself up for success. That’s quite important when starting social media. Proper planning and research will get you several steps ahead of the competition and will ensure you have a system to rely on.

Goal: Social Media growth with at least 50 followers per month / Creating more follower engagement / Producing more valuable content / Growing community

Tools used: Metricool & ChatGPT

Metricool. Link all accounts together on the platform to decide on your starting point. Metricool is a platform that provides social media analytics. It lets you manage 1 free brand. ChatGTP: Setting up a social media strategy tailored to the products and services of Company X.

Prompt: You will help me build a social media strategy for a company that organizes parties and offers DJ services. And I’m going to feed you information about this company from the website so you get a clear understanding of the brand. Name: X. Do you understand?

Ask: “Do you understand?” This is key and makes ChatGTP store your information in its system.

Prompt: I’m going to input the text on the landing page. You will read this so you have a good description of X. Do you understand?


Use webpage-to-text convertors for this, and make sure mainly the core information is stored in ChatGTP

Make Sure ChatGTP aims its arrows at the right Target Audience

Prompt: First I want to input some important data so you have a clear understanding of the target audience. do you understand?

Company X has a Facebook page with 350 followers and an Instagram with 30 followers. The main people reacting to these pages are people from the local town X. Mainly with an age between 30 and 65 years old.

Company X is organizing weekly salsa nights at a local restaurant to which 20 to 30 people attend.

You will use this information as well to set up a social media strategy for Facebook and Instagram to take the target audience on a customer’s journey and eventually sell more tickets for the local dance nights. create more awareness about local events and generate more bookings for Company X DJ services.

ASK CHATGTP to ask you questions in order to get a more detailed output.

Prompt: You will also ask me questions about the information you need to create an effective social media strategy to reach these goals. Do you understand?

Questions: To create an effective social media strategy, I may need additional information such as:

  1. What are the specific goals for the social media campaign (e.g. increase ticket sales for salsa nights, generate more bookings for DJ services, create awareness about local events, etc.)?
  2. What are the unique selling points of Company X services that can be highlighted in social media content?
  3. What is the budget for paid social media advertising?
  4. What is the current social media engagement rate (e.g. likes, comments, shares) for both Facebook and Instagram?
  5. Are there any upcoming events or promotions that can be leveraged in social media content?

After going back and forth, ChatGTP will come up with a recommendation.

Finish the report by asking ChatGTP to transform this strategy into a monthly content calendar.


Work out a monthly content plan that involves posting on Instagram 4 times a week. Posting 1 longer form content piece on Facebook. Posting 1 long-form content piece on the website.

And includes these suggestions.